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Hells Gate is an abrupt narrowing of British Columbia's Fraser River, located immediately downstream of Boston Bar in the southern Fraser Canyon. The river cuts through towering rock walls of the Fraser Canyon, and at this point, the passage only 35 metres (115 ft) wide.  

Here is a link to a good history of Hells Gate.

The Fraser River is an important salmon run. Hells Gate represents a considerable barrier to the salmon swimming upstream. To assist the salmon, a fishway was built, intially finished in 1946. Here is a link to the history of the fishway.

Early in Nov 2018, I was on my way from Vancouver through the Fraser Canyon. I took the opportunity to stop at Hells Gate and send up my drone. Below are links to some of the media I took. In particular, be sure to check out and navigate around the Panoramas.


Here is some drone video footage


This is a 360 degree panorama.  The Panorama looks best if viewed in full screen. Click on the icon on the upper right hand corner (with 4 arrows pointing outward).

To properly view and interact with the Panoramas on this site, if you have a touch screen, drag your finger across the screen and the Panorama scrolls around. Same effect using a mouse (click and hold) on a non-touch device.

Also, with a phone or a tablet, you should be able to stand, hold the device level with your eyes and turn around. The image should scroll as if you are actually there turning your head.