About this Site

This is multimedia shot in August 2020 on Vancouver Island, at Campbell River and Ucluelet, on the West shore of the island.  It is a beautiful area.

Below are links to some of the media I took, including some cool drone video. Be sure to check out and navigate around the Panoramas.


Here are some still images.


Here is some aerial video footage shot around Ucluelet.

Here is a time lapse video of sunrise off Oyster Point. The mountain range is the Coast Mountain range on the mainland.

Here is a live webcam from the Amphitrite Lighthouse at tip of Ucluelet


Most of these panoramas are 360 degree, though one is 180 degrees, looking at the Coast Mountain range.  The Panorama looks best if viewed in full screen. Click on the icon on the upper right hand corner (with 4 arrows pointing outward).

To properly view the Panoramas, if you have a touch screen, drag your finger across the screen and the Panorama scrolls around. Same effect using a mouse (click and hold) on a non-touch device.

Also, with a phone or a tablet, you should be able to stand, hold the device level with your eyes and turn around. The image should scroll as if you are actually there turning your head.

Coast Mtn Range from Oyster Pt

Ucluelet Harbour

Amphitrite Lighthouse, Uclulet

Highest point on Coquihalla Hwy

Brenda Mine, off Coquihalla Hwy