BX Falls, Vernon BC

BX Falls is a smallish waterfall which interupts BX Creek. BX Creek is fed by the runoff of snow melt from Silver Star mountain. In the spring, despite its small size, the falls can rage spectacularly. Here is a link to the Vernon Tourism page on the falls and hiking in the area.

These photos were taken in late April. As you can see, the flow of water over the rocks is impressive. The images were shot either at a very fast shutter speed (1/1600 or so), effectively stopping the water mid-air, or a very slow shutter speed (2-3 seconds), giving it a silky look.

I have arranged the photos so the fast and slow shutter speed images are sequenced next to each other. It is interesting how the same picture looks quite different. In particular, the silky look of the water in the long exposure shots allows more space for the texture of the rest of the photo to jump out. The rocks, the exposed roots, and the moss growing on the rocks is quite striking. The four shots at the end are quite mystical to my eye.