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This is home for the multimedia projects of Terry Atkinson. I am based in the beautiful Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada. Content on this site includes original music, photo galleries, and multimedia projects.

In addition to my own multimedia projects, I do commercial work. This includes real estate photograhy, through 360 Degree Media and location audio projects,including immersive audio through Jingle Jangle Audio.

So, if you need multimedia please contact me.

*** what's new ***

As always, I continue to make and release music. I *just* released a new album, Lost in Phantasmagoria, with eight songs on it. You can check them out at your favorite streaming service, or head over to my music site and give them a listen.

On the multimedia front, in the fall, I took a trip to Tofino, on Vancouver Island. I wanted to shoot some aerial video of the area. Here is a collection of the content I captured. Beautiful area.

Tofino, Vancouver Island
*** featured ***

By this point, I have a considerable amount of multimedia content. Here are a couple of the notable ones that I would like to call out (click on the image to see high resolution content).

Hot Video - Rock Climbing in BC
Photo of the month - BC Smoke

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